Teen with Crohn’s

Hello Kuang,

Thanks for calling me even though your store was closed. I am having extreme difficulty with my digestive system right now. I was living in Hawaii and I became very ill with a Crohn’s flare and now after two hospital visits I am still unwell and very sick. My life has crashed down. My girlfriend has left me. I am now living in my parents house because I am too weak to take care of myself. However, I believe in your medicine and what you are selling to the public and I know I will become healthy again once I began taking the cleanser.

Here is my testimonial from 2005:
In 2001 I, a healthy teenage boy was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after losing significant weight and suffering from abdominal pain for 3 months. For the next 5 years I was in and out of hospitals losing weight and suffering from an array of ailments do to my gastro-intestinal illness. In 2005 I was living in Portland, Oregon when someone referred me to the Green Line organic .com website. I read testimonials about people taking the internal cleanser and what it did for them. After allowing doctors to treat me with prednisone and other harsh and dangerous drugs which were only band-aiding the issue, I tried Henry’s Internal Cleanser. 3 days after I began taking the cleanser, my bowels begin to function again. 7 days after taking a cleanser I began having regular, healthy bowel movements. After 2 weeks of taking the cleanser I felt like I was cured from the disease. I had so much energy. So much vitality. I wanted to run, walk, jump, climb. I still need to rest but I had the burst of energy and health that I had longed given up on.

This cleanser really really works! If you’re like me and suffer from Crohn’s Disease, you need to try and take this Internal Cleanser!  Have faith!

Believe you can prevail… And you will!
Mustafa K.