About Greenline Organic Health

Greenline Organic Health was founded in 1996 after Kuang and Jean discovered the organic lifestyle and the importance of healthy living. Their goal is to promote a natural and healthy lifestyle that will alleviate all sorts of physical ills.
Greenline Organic Health offers a wide selection of fresh organic juices, Henry’s Internal Cleanser and Henry’s supplements.

High fat foods and processed foods that have been treated with chemicals become toxins in our system and spread to other organs, which slow down normal functions. Many sicknesses start in this way. Organic living is the only sure way to improve our health.

What is Organic and Why

Organic means free of chemical, additives, hormones, and any kind of pollutants. Organic products are grown according to natural laws – using only natural fertilizers, natural soil supplements, and natural methods of controlling pests. Special care is given to organically grown food from planting, to harvesting, packaging, storing, and transporting it.

Although organic products may appear to be more expensive at the checkout than convenience foods (the products of agribusiness), in the long run they save us a bundle by keeping us healthy and preventing costly medical bills. At the same time, eating organic foods allows us to enjoy life to the fullest.

After the industrial revolution and the post-World War II petrochemical revolution, Industrial chemicals, pesticides and food additives have been widely used for agriculture. The General Accounting Office reported that of the 143 drugs and pesticides identified as likely to leave residues in raw meat and poultry, 42 are known or suspected of causing cancer, 20 of causing birth defects, and 6 of causing mutations, Agribusinesses are using $500 million worth of chemicals to grow, process, preserve and transport their products to our health, pollutes the environment, and creates a biological imbalance.

Artifertilizers enhance the quality of the harvest for all farm products. They also rapidly produce large fruits and vegetables that look appealing. However, these products tend to be watery and their innate wholesome taste is lost. The quality of nutrients is also compromised. Independent laboratory tests show that organic wheat has 24% more protein that wheat grown the conventional way, an organic orange contains 43% more Vitamin C than a conventionally grown orange, and organic apples shows 300% greater Vitamin C content and 61% more calcium than regular apples. And those wonderful organic products keep these qualities for days after conventional produce has spoiled.