Henry’s Organic Liver

Mr Kuang Lin,

I began taking Henry’y Organic Cleanser along with Henry’s Organic Liver in march of this year. (2003) the results, for me, have been dramatic.

My lower colon and bowel functions were a total mess for many years. This is now returned to normal. Blood tests showed my liver function to be greatly elevated (870 – dangerously high) and this organ was a constant source of pain. continued monitoring of my liver function shows that it has dropped back into the normal range (below 460) and the pain have been reduced to sporadic occurrences.

I did not take the Organic Cleanser during the months of August and September and my bowel function reverted to the previous state. my energy level also dropped to a frustrating level. I am consuming this product again and I feel normal. I had not reolized what the cleanser did for my energy level.

I am 60 years old and live in Tacoma,