Just a quick note to say thank you and WOW!

It has been a while since you and me last spoke, here is a quick review… I was sent to you actually in the last ditch effort to save me (pretty sure you didn’t know that) I had been struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Crohn’s/Diverticulitis, depending on which doctor I talked to. The diagnosis would change along with their recommendations.

I dealt with that for almost 10 years!

Then it all came to a head last year, when on top of everything else, I got sick… Real sick. I actually lost 35 pounds in about 4 days, I couldn’t keep anything in. I wasn’t doing well and wasn’t getting any better. I remember being in the bathroom and then the paramedics were there, and I was on my way to the hospital… After 4 liters of fluid, countless tests and a $6,500 bill, they sent me home saying that they didn’t know what was wrong and that I should be fine.

I sent out a message to my men’s prayer group and was swiftly directed to you and even offered a ride if I wasn’t feeling up to driving. When I arrived, I wasn’t too impressed…but I thought…what the hay! After a quick conversation and some testing, you recommended some supplements and Henry’s Internal Cleanser. For once in my life I follow the directions that you gave me, and no s***! In 2 days I was better, not done…but better. I recently finished up my bottle of HIC and thought I would give life to try without it… LOL! I was good for about a month or two, then the symptoms returned, slowly at first, and progressively adding to the list.

I do believe that we all have to learn our own ways, I have learned! You have my total appreciation and acknowledgement both for your craft and your tools… Henry’s Internal Cleanser rocks! (doesn’t taste too swift but it works like nothing I have EVER tried)

You have my Phone number and email address, I am available to speak to anybody that has any questions regarding my experience.

Thanks Kuang and Henry’s!

Joel K.