Body Builder

Dear Mr. Kuang Lin

I am a 44  year old male, I am 6’2″ and weight 270 pounds. I am a body builder. My colon completely shut down on me seven years ago. I had to go in for high colonic therapy everyday for a year before my body even started to somewhat function again. I had five years of carbon monoxide poisoning from a leaky furnace in my home. I also, went through alcohol, drug, and steroid abuse. I also, breathed fumes from painting cars for a living. My kidneys and liver hurt so bad that I almost gave up on live several times. Not to mention the heart attack that I also suffered. The Doctors said that I had shredded the valves in my heart. I have been battling severe constipation for the last ten years. I drink wheat grass and vegetable juice regularly which helps, but nothing I have tried even comes close to your organic cleanser. You’re only as healthy as your bowel movements. If it’s healthy, you;re going to be healthy. Like an old lady once put it, keep your waste basket clean. It’s just so sad to see people walking around with big ol’ bellies full of waste. I hope the word gets out so people can live a better life. Thank you very much for a life saving product. Thanks to my dear friend Lue for referring me to you.

Much love and respect,

Chris D.