My name is Janet and I am what most people call a skeptic.

l grew up in a medical family, am an educated woman (l received two Bachelor Degrees)and am
Licensed as a Real Estate Broker in the State of Washington.

When l was introduced to Henry’s lnternal Cleanser, l was skeptical, concerned and distrustful. And I
took it to prove it wrong. Boy was I wrong.

I have been taking Henry’s lnternal Cleanser for over 4 years now, I have referred it to no less than 50
people who I care about and who trust me, I have referred it to family members, friends, business
associates and they in turn have referred it to THEIR family, friends and associates,

At first I didn’t see, feel or noticed a huge difference in myself. But after a couple of weeks, I realized that I was
focused,happier, felt healthier and got more done in my life. Then I then did what came
naturally to me- l tested it,

After about 6 months, I stopped taking it and realized that I began to feel listless,lethargic,depressed
and nothing got done in my world. lt’s like my world stood still and nothing moved forward.

I then realized that l would trytaking it again and lo and behold-l began to feel focused, happier, and
healthier and the energies of my world began to move again!

I also noticed some peculiar changes in myself: some physical ailments were disappearing, headaches
were gone, hair was healthier, I wasn’t getting as sick as I would normally do, backache was not
noticeable, I was more creative in work. My world was moving again!

I’m not touting that this is a miracle drug, but I am amazed that there has been changes in my body,
mind and spirit.

I don’t know why it works, I don’t know how it works all I do know is that it DOES work.
Like I said earlier-l have recommended this to my family, friends and associates and they too are using it.
I have been using Henry’s now for over 4 years now and would never change using it..
I am not paid to write this, I do not receive any funds to recommend this and I strongly suggest that a person
at least try it
lf you have any doubts, concern or questions, I will be happy to talk with anyone and give my opinions
and my testimony ln person.

I will be happy to talk with anyone and give my opinions

Thank-you for reading