Jeff S.

My Organic Cleanser Testimonial
It will change your life!

In October of 1995 I suffered a ruptured appendix. Because of this rupture a massive infection ensued spreading to my colon and small intestine. The surgeons removed my appendix, nine feet of my small intestine, and one third of my colon. Normally I weigh 160 Ibs., after the surgery I was 104bs. I spent a total of 35 days at Evergreen Hospital in recovery.

For many years after I never felt energetic or completely healthy. When eating, I never felt that I was receiving all of the nutrition from a normal diet. After getting my hands on the records from the surgery, I learned that some integral parts of my digestive tract were missing. I tried adjusting my diet, changing my workout regimen, but nothing quite gave me back the drive I once had. Know that I am only 25 today.
My best friend turned me on to the Organic Cleanser.- He said, “It will change your life”. Up to this point I had tried almost every solution I could think of. Why shouldn’t I give this a shot? I did, and after a two week period of adjustment I was becoming a different person. I now have more energy than I have had in years. My attitude and lust for life is back. My skin feels and looks healthier. I have lost some weight, which is healthy. When I eat, my digestive tract is better absorbing the minerals, and vitamins that I need. It has been almost a year now and I am not looking back.
My friend was right. My life has been made drastically better. I recommend this supplement to everyone. My personal results speak volumes of what this product can do. It will change your life.
Sammamish WA