I have been taking the Henrys Cleanser for about two and one half years, l started with the idea of
starting a periodic cleaning and removing toxic buildup and to (detox) my digestive tract. I am 71 years
old. I liked the way my system seemed to function with more regularity so I continued to use the
product longer than I had planned.

Since age 35 my doctor has placed my on different prescription drugs to combat high cholesterol, For
much of my adult life, the readings have been 300 to 350 and trigrycerides reading up to 750. My dad
died of a massive heart attack at age 63.

Finally I have been taking the statin drug “lipitor” and for years my cholesterol readings were brought
down to a range of 218 to 235. They have to also do liver function readings to make sure that there is
not any liver issues going on wh jch is one of possible side effects, so I am tested twice annually. My
doctor always wanted to see !he readings to drop under 200 but it never happened.

Anyway to make a long story shoft, my last 5 readings have been consistent; 174 to 179. I have not
made any diet/life style changes and I am convinced that the only possible reason is Henrys,.

l am pondering that if l took the recommended dosage of 2 to 3 heaping measurements up to 3 times
daily instead of my “single measurement” only once daily, would prompt a further drop in my readings
and maybe be able to think about stopping or decreasing the dosage of Lipitor? My next test reading
will be in May’ 2012 I think I will increase to twice daily for the two weeks prior to see if readings get
even lower.I will not however stop my Lipitor without doctors’ approval.

Yours Truly, Jim