Kate B.

Dear Readers,

Below is my experience in adding Henry’s lnternal Cleanser to my daily life.

3-4 years ago my sister took me to Greenline Organic Health and it changed my
lifel I met Kuang and he did a very basic exam on me and told me something no
other doctor had before…He looked at me and said, “You are congested all the
time, aren’t you?” I looked at him with amazement/shock in my eyes and said,
“Yes, I am”. Then he proceeded to show me what part of the colon was being
affected. lhave been hooked eversince! lt makes mywhole system feel better
and work the way it should.’When I am unable, for whatever reason, to take the
Henry’s cleanse lcan tell that mysystem is not happywith me. Dueto my body,s
system being HIGHLY sensitive to almost everything i.e. foods, fabrics, smells,
digestive issues, etc, the Henry’s cleanse is one of the things I know lcan take and
it will make such positive affect in my life, ln December, ltook another herbal
cleanse and have regretted it ever since due to my system not being right since I
took it (l ran out and hadn’t been able to getthe Henry’s cleanse until now). I
recently changed my diet and had the worsttransitional period ever…the pain in
my upper stomach was so unbearably, almost to the point of passing out and I
have a HIGH pain tolerance so that is saying a lot. My stool was extremely loose.
Within 2 days of taking Henry’s cleanse my pain was gone and my stool was back
to better than it was before the eating change and the other herbal cleanse. I am
the type of person that is very cautious and doesn’t recommend anything but I
WOULD recommend this to anyone and I have.

Thank you, Kuang for changing my life!


Kate B.