Manuel & Leticia L

Dear Mr. Lin.
I just wanted to thank yo for helping my husband & I. As you may recall I was the lady form Ellensburg, WA, who was on 4 different high blood pressure meds and my health was extremely bad. I have for several years been so plagued with High blood pressure, sodium problems and depression which has hindered my life After visiting you and now using Henry’s cleanser and supplements for 3 weeks. We are so amazed at the energy.
It is true, “you are what you eat”. I have learned that if I eat well and cleanse properly, I will achieve a good blalance in my body. I have been slow at the exersize but I have so much energy, it has motivated me to do so much more and I am working on exersizing more often. I am pleased to anounce that my blood pressured has normalized during the day and I noticed I can go most of the day without BP meds. I am now down to 2 BP mens in the evening!, I can only tell you that I have tried to diet in the past and have not succeeded. With the cleanser and supplements I find I do not crave carbs.I have since lost 12 lbs!, I am excited and thank you for giving me my life back to me.
Oh! and by the way, my husband has also lost 15lbbs and feels energized and motivated in the mornings. Before he would not wake up till noon. Now his is up at 6:00 am!.
thanks again for caring and giving us a chance to be healthier!
Kind regards, Manuel & Leticia L.