Mary M

To Whom It May Concern:

I am 66 years old and I have suffered most of my life with severe constipation. As a young woman I took every laxative on the market trying to get relief and spent a fortune on Dr. bills. When I was 27 years old the Dr. told me my colon looked like an 80 year old woman, I was too naive and unaware that time and never got a diagnosis.

After having 3 children and eating all the wrong foods I continued to suffer with no relief. Year 2000 I was rushed to the hospital near death, thank God I found a wonderful Gastroenterologist who discovered I had a severe case of Diverticulitis that had never been treated. I underwent colon reconstruction and felt better for a year and then the constipation and the pain returned.

Year 2006 I ended up back in the hospital with the same problem, my condition is so bad that if I make any mistakes eating the wrong food or get severely constipated I would end up in the hospital again, again, and again.

I prayed for relief and the universe answered, I was in a waiting room to get a colonic and this person sitting next to me suggested that I contact Greenline Organic Health, Inc. At first I was not open to sending off for any products (been there done that) not realizing that the Universe was answering me, I stopped to listen to that voice within.

The Henry’s Internal Cleanser has been a MIRACLE for my health problems. If this product had not come into my life I know I would still be suffering.

My biggest FEAR which, bring on panic attacks is that this product is on the West Coast and that I would lose contact. Thank you for making my life bearable.

I never got the person’s name who recommended the product, so thank you.

Peace & Blessings,
Mary M.