Mr. Brent Stanphill

Just a short time ago I was your average, ignorant, and candida ridden resident in Kirkland with declining health. Excruciating joint pain, chronic fatigue, acne, dehydration, and brain fog were elements of my day to day life.

Recently, a crop of parasitic worms surfaced through the skin of my hand, spurring me to seek naturopathic counsel. The naturopath told me that this occurrence was due to an over population of parasitic worms in my digestive system as a result of an inactive immune system. She referred me to Kuang saying that he, if anyone could restore the balance of flora in my digestive system.

I could not believe that at 26 years old I was already suffering from chronic health problems. I though, “this is the lowest point in my life.”

I went to Kuang’s organic juice bar in the lowest of spirits expecting to receive a painstakingly slow, complex, and meticulous regiment of correctional supplements and procedures, but what I got was hope and inspiration. Kuang gave me an incredibly intense and detailed lecture on colon health filling me with the confidence of knowledge, which improved my spirits greatly. Almost more importantly, Kuang gave me Henry’s Organic Internal Cleanser. At first, Kuang’s intensity made me skeptical as I thought he might be one of those convincing high-energy salesmen, but, first of all, he has energy because he’s healthy-really healthy. Secondly, this stuff is truly amazing!

After the first day of taking Henry’s Organic Internal Cleanser, I was rid of a dangerous blockage that was making it hard for me to even move. After only the third day, my stool was covered in dead parasitic worms-a frightening relief.

My condition improves with every day that I take this molecular fiber miracle. With these fast-paced results, I am sure that my candida does not stand a chance.