Ms. Marla

Dear Kuang,

I wish to offer you my experience using the Organic Internal Cleanser (OIC). When I started taking the OIC I had been constipated for several days and saw an immediate improvement in that situation. After taking the OIC for several days, I was inspired to do a fast with it, something that I have wanted to do for over a year now, but could not find the “discipline” to do it. I began what ended up being a 7-day juice fast where I took the OIC twice daily along with my lemon and otherjuice, cayenne pepper capsules and Slim Slim. At night I would drink a natural laxative tea.

The first thing that I noticed was a marked feeling of emotional pain. I: never realized that I had emotions locked up in my compacted organs along with everything else. I looked around the internet and found almost no information on the emotional impact of internal cleansing. It was after I looked through a book on nutrition centered Chinese medicine did I find information about how grief and sadness gets trapped in our colon and how anger gets trapped in a sluggish liver. This offered me relief and renewed determination. As the fast progressed I found long forgotten memories and thoughts as I was releasing toxins in my daily enemas. By the 5″ day, I found an inner peace that I have never had.

Besides the emotional clearing, I passed liver and gallstones. I also passed layer upon layer of leathery mucus rope until on the last day of the fast I passed a 3-foot long tube that seemed to have a diameter of approximately 2 inches. I almost broke the fast the .evening before because I felt so bad, now I am so glad that I did not, I would have missed the opportunity to pass that old mucus plaque tube.

Upon passing that tube, a sense of peace and freshness poured over me. My skin cleared up. I lost about 10 pounds and my friends say that I have never looked better. A few days after completing the fast with the OIC I was at a store purchasing wine to take to a dinner party and I was carded. The store clerk was shocked to find out that I am 36 years old, saying that I have great genes. Needless to say this definitely made my day! The thanks go to OIC.

During the fast I never felt hungry. Though I have fasted before in the past, I have never had the depth of release and cleansing I experienced with the OIC. I am sold and will be using it the rest of my life. Thank you Kuang for the wonderful service you are doing for the world.