Ms. Sabrina Castes

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your commitment to helping others, like myself understand more about our health and why it is that a healthy, wholesome organic lifestyle is so wonderfully important in today’s lifestyle! I feel so fortunate to have learned about your juice bar, as the product you suggested I try (Henry Organic Internal Cleanser) has been a lifesaver for me.

It all began about 24 years ago. At the age of 9, I began having gut-wrenching stomachaches. I would cry continuously, lying in wait on the bathroom floor for something, anything to happen to relieve the pain. I can remember delaying family vacations, disrupting social events, being nervous to spend the night at a friend’s house, along with many other situations, because I was so sick.

When my mom took me to doctors, it seemed as though they took it so lightly. They obviously didn’t understand my pain. In fact, one doctor told me that he couldn’t find really anything wrong, and diagnosed a “nervous stomach” and prescribed some pills I never took.

Through the years, I continued to suffer. I was shocked to find that I would often go 6-7 days without a bowel movement. With all of those toxins trapped inside, I never really feel well.

In my mid 20’s, I couldn’t take it any longer, and went back to my doctor, who sent me to a specialist. After a battery of unpleasant tests, I was diagnosed with “irritable bowel syndrome.” After studying the condition, I found it to be a blanket diagnosis for “well, we know you are in a lot of pain, but we don’t specifically know what is wrong with you.” The doctor again wanted to put me on long term medication, which I opposed.

In desperation, again I turned to books and education. For the next 6 years, I changed my diet, stopped drinking coffee, drank more water, got more sleep, added alfalfa to my diet, tried acidophilus supplements, cut stress, and on, and on, and on. Some changes showed a hint of relief, but nothing helped consistently for a long term.

Two years ago, when I met Kuang, the owner of Greenline Organic Health, Inc., he helped me to understand what was happening, and why I was feeling so poorly. When he suggested me to purchase the Henry Organic Internal Cleanser, I must admit I was skeptical of yet another product. However his promise that if I took this regularly as he directed I would feel relief, gave me hope. I needed relief desperately, and his sincerity earned my trust.

Once I began taking the product twice a day, I immediately noticed. Suddenly, my digestive system got a jump-start and began functioning properly. The stomachaches have nearly vanished, and on the rare occasion I do have one, the intensity is far less than before. I have a lot more energy, and crave sweets less. Second to my stomach, one of the best things that has changed is my skin. It improved so dramatically, that I stopped wearing make-up. I get people complimenting me on my skin quite often.

To not have to worry about being sick like I had in the past is such a blessing to me. I go places without being fearful. I eat without apprehension. And I am grateful that Kuang has taught me how to take care of the inside of my body, with just as much emphasis as the outside.