Warren H. One Happy Guy

To my good friend and health benefactor Mr. Kuang (“Doctor”) Lin:

Please use the following testimonial in anyway you wish. At the culmination of a recent 15-day hospital confinement, I was offered a diagnosis of lymphocytic colitis–a micro scopic form of inflammatory bowel disease–as the source of my disabling case of severe, chronic diarrhea. This followed two urgent visits to the ER. It seems ironic that scientists can land men on the moon; still a staff of medical “experts” required more than two weeks to find a reason why I had been forced to inhabit the bathroom every ninety minutes (around – the – clock!) for a painfully-long period of time.

What is even more startling is that the experts needed to perform three CT scans, twenty-some abdominal X-rays, two colonoscopies (second one with multiple biopsies), daily blood analyses–along with numerous stool and urine analyses–to ultimately draw their conclusion. Ecstatic when they rushed to inform me, the doctors gave me no assurance that my condition might one day be curable.

Thus, after all was said and done, I was given a perscription for a six week course of a steroid to control the diarrhea. However, toward the end of the six weeks–as I tapered off the steroid–my diarrhea began to return, and it was time to seek help beyond the “treat-the-symptom-ignore-the -cause” philosophy of M.D.S. and Rx.

Enter Mr. Kuang Lin, proprietor of Greenline Organic Health, Inc. Upon the urging of a friend-of-a-friend, I decided to try Henry’s Internal Cleanser, Mr. Lin served me a “cocktail” of the elixer at his juice bar; then I followed it with a second dose of the-easy-to-take remedy a half-hour before dinner, as instructed.

Lo! Within five and one-half hours my diarrhea was brought under control and had remained to remission ever since. It should come as no surprise, I’m now among Kuang’s  grateful customers for life.

Should you be suffering from a digestive-health ailment that does not respond to either prescription or over-the-counter drugs, may I suggest you become aquainted with Kuang Lin, his wife Jean and their Greenline Organic Juice Bar; you’ll be mighty glad you did. –Warren H. (One happy guy!)