Henry's Internal Cleanser, Greenline Organic Health, www.greenlineorganic.com, more energy
Henry's Internal Cleanser - 2 scoops a dayHenry's Internal Cleanser - 2 scoops a day, Greenline Organic Health, www.greenlineorganic.comHenry's Internal Cleanser - 2 scoops a day, Greenline Organic Health, www.greenlineorganic.com, Detoxification, More EnergyHenry's Internal Cleanser - 2 scoops a day, Greenline Organic Health, www.greenlineorganic.com

Henry’s Internal Cleanser

Benefits of Henry’s Internal Cleanser:

Helps cleanse and eliminate toxic substances accumulated in the human body, strengthens immune system, and balances endocrine functions.
Rich in vitamins, herbs, minerals, and fibers
Detoxification and rejuvenation
Regulation of the body’s pH balance
Enhancement of immune system
Prevention and relief of constipation
Relief of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), intestinal obstruction, diverticular disease, and colitis
Beneficial for rashes, irritations, acne, dermatitis eczema, and psoriasis

Effective ingredients:

Hard white wheat berry, soy protein, phosphatidy choline, hydrolyzed soy protein, safflower oil, saccharomyces cerevisiae, parsley, swiss chard, kale, spinacea oleracea, watercress, celery, carrot, ascophyllum nodosum, rhodymenia palmetto, carica papaya, oat bran, zingier officinales, strawberry and orange.

Suggested use: PDF Instructions

Add 2 level scoops to 16 ounces of cool water.
Shake quickly by hand 3-4 times, or combine 2/3 cool water with 1/3 juice (preferably apple juice) and drink quickly.
Follow with another 16 ounces of cool water.


  • Do not take this product if you are pregnant.


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