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Dear Dr Kuang, I too suffered from hemorrhoids, and constipation from childhood. My grandmother kept me on cod liver oil. Which led to high doses, and indigestion. ln my thirties I suffered from boils, uterine fibroids, and severe constipation .…

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Dear Kuang.

I have been taking the Henry’s for 4 years and have written a testimonial letter before regarding what a big difference the Cleanser made for my constipation
problems I had since my early twenty’s I am now in my sixty’s.
I called Kuang to order more of Henry’s and talk to him about other problems I was having. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is very painful and I had no energy
and felt fatigued all the time. Kuang took the time to talk to me at length about my problem; he suggested that I should take the cleanser twice a day, which I was only taking when I got constipated.
Kuang called me back a week later to see how I was feeling. I was so astonished that he called, it made me realize how much he cared about his product and
helping people. I must admit I was not taking it twice a day before he called. After that call it motivated me to help myself. I started taking the cleanser twice
a day.First i started to feel more energy and after 2 weeks of this.. i couldnd believe i lost about 5lbs.
Kuang thank you for caring.
Mary Moorleghen
las Vegas Nv


January 3, 2006 Dear Kuang, This is my testimonial to tell you of how dramatically your product has changed my life. Eight years ago my appendix ruptured, and for nearly two weeks after that, it poisoned my intestines and colon…

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