Thank You!

I have been using Henry’s lnternal Cleanser daily for 7 months. It has completely
changed my life. I am a 41 year old woman. As a child, and up to my twenties, my
digestive system seemed to work well. At some point, and I cannot say exactly when,
as I think it happened gradually; I began to have elimination problems. At it’s worst, I
would sometimes go 2 weeks without eliminating solid waste. I tried fiber, enemas,
many over-the-counter powders, supposetories and bars – even colonic irrigation.
Nothing worked. As I know many others do, I pretty much gave up, thinking this was
the way life was supposed to be. Last summer, I started exercising regularly and
cleaning up my diet. I believe it is because I started taking better care of myself, that I
really became hungry to also get my digestive system in order. I had purchased
Henry’s lnternal Cleanser from the Naturopath who did my colonics about 5 years ago,
but only used very rarely when I was feeling always helped, but I didn’t
understand that it would only work if I used it daily, so I continued to suffer. This past
summer, after reading all of the testimonials on Kuang’s website, a light bulb went off
and I thought: “l need to at least try to get better – I’ll start using the powder every day”.
I did, and have never looked back. There are immeasurable benefits, and every day, I
cannot believe lhat 2 scoops of this powder are the reason behind my higher energy
Ievel, better mood, clearer skin, and the list goes on and on. Eliminating daily – and
completely, I now know what it really feels like to not have a colon clogged with waste.
I didn’t realize that when I thought I was regular, that I really wasn’t. I also understand
the cycle of feeling stressed because of not eliminating and that compounding the
problem and the stress even more. I can happily say that I will never wake up in the
morning and think: “Will I go to the bathroom today, or not?”, as I am happier, healthier
and less stressed as a result of Henry’s lnternal Cleanser. My life has changed to the
degree that I developed the motivation to keep getting more physically fit, lose weight
and I am now a Zumba fitness instructor. The 20 year olds can barely keep up with me!
Thanks, Kuang!