Thanks from St. Louis! Pat

I am pleased to present this testimonial as to the effectiveness of Henry’s Organic Cleanser After using this product for several months, it has made a tremendous difference in my health and energy level.
I have had multiple medical and surgical problems starting at a young age. Despite my efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, my illness became more and more of an issue until I was rendered disabled. This was the first Christmas in five years that I have been able to walk to Christmas shop rather than use a wheelchair! I owe much of this to Henry’s Organic
Cleanser!    •
My health problems included chronic constipation, irritable bowel and most disabling chronic back, hip and leg pain attributed to a ‘bad back’. Prescription after prescription and cest after test led :t path to nowhere except unnecessary surgery leading to more complications, disability, higher medical bills, less functioning and more pain now up to 24
hours/day 7 days/week.
THANK GOODNESS FOR SUSAN, my homeopathic practitioner who suggested Henry’s Organic Cleanser! Previous medical tests for intestinal parasites were negative.1 completed medication therapy to eliminate such critters as I suspected this was the cause of my irritable bowel which began after a vacation in the tropics. Immediately upon starting OC, 1 began to pass intestinal worms and parasites for over seven days! Then long thick mucous like tubes are expelled in my stool. My belly flattened and I began to lose weight.  Now I realize my back, hip and leg pain is diminishing! How weird- I’d been to every renowned back and pain specialist US wide. Over several weeks-months, my pain level decreases from a MO’ to a ‘0’. 1 walk without a limp, sleep through the night and no pain!
I’m back to my previous routine- back to work, walk the dog, yoga and lots of energy! Henry’s will always be a part of my life!
Thanks from St. Louis!