Tommy J

My name is Tommy J., I came to see Kuang in the early part of 2002 seeking
advice on how I might be able better my overall health as my primary concern was
digestion and constipation.
I was 24 years old and relatively fit and in shape by society,s standards, I was
looking to improve my health on all fronts. I started juicing and extracting juice
from wheatgrass daily and also started taking HENRY’s INTERNAL Cleanser and

I instantly started to see results in my bowel movements, not only in lhe frequency,
but quality of the movement, I have seen nothing but steady improvements
throughout the years and will continue to take the product with no reservations,

Learning how to balance a better overall diet that focused more on alkalinity,
hydration, low g]ycemic foods, I was able to further transform my body and mind to
where it is today

l am 33 years old now and continue to use HENRY’s as a catalyst in my pursuit of,
healthier living through nutrition and awareness.

My skin feels better, I enjoy having more energy throughout my day from start to
finish and look forward to supplementing HENERY’S INTERNAL CLEANSER on a day
to day or every other day basis,

I am so grateful to Kuang and Jean for their kindness and wholehearted approach
thal comes from a belief that we must focus on cleansing our insides to get what we
want on the outside!